There is plenty your club or group can do at the Garden.


Garden Clubs and Other Group Meetings

Updated 3/6/20

We are happy to host meetings, either in the open garden under tents or in our meeting/lecture room. We are able to easily accommodate groups of up to 16 people (but prefer smaller – 12 people is probably ideal).

(Please note: we are not a ‘party’ venue. We are a garden dedicated to sharing the space, plants, and knowledge with others, so we do not currently schedule any meetings or parties that are not related to our garden activities.)

1. Education + meeting time (your choice – not necessary) + guided garden tour + lunch or high tea.
-The educational component to your groups’s visit will be a lecture//discussion on a pre-determined topic, usually accompanied by photos/ slides. Topics may be on most any aspect of gardening from design to maintenance to choosing plants, English gardens in general, the history and development of the garden here, or something more specific to the group’s interests. Time: approximately an hour and a half. Our meeting/lecture room is climate controlled and amenable for seminar-style presentations (and note-taking!). 

– Guided tour of the garden – individuals may wander at their leisure, but we prefer that groups stay together for the simple reason that pointing out features and unusual plants as well as answering questions, is really only possible this way. We do not interrupt group tours to answer questions of folks who are outside the group. This is just plain and simple efficiency. Generally, tours of the garden, which have been described to us as ‘living lectures’, take about 45 minutes to an hour. We have found that the more knowledgeable the tour members the longer it takes simply because there is more to talk about.  Heat and humidity will cause the tour to be faster!
– Lunch or High Tea (depending on time of day). We provide an inventive and interesting salad buffet along with freshly made scones/berry jam/crème fraiche and iced tea for lunch. High Tea consists of a series of ‘small plates’, both sweet and savory (and is provided only for afternoon occasions). Served under tents unless weather requires use of meeting/lecture room.
The cost per person for option 1 is $35.00.

As above but without the educational component and is $25.00 per person and includes tent set-up, tables and chairs, meeting time, and lunch/high tea. 

Guided tour only; we provide tent space, tables, chairs for meeting time and iced tea. You may ‘brown bag’ your lunch or skip it. Flat rate of $50.00.
We do not provide food except as a compliment to the above. As we purchase /grow fresh ingredients and prepare all food from scratch, the group will be charged for all food reservations made that are not cancelled 48 hrs prior to the date.

We serve our own blended iced tea and our own blend of freshly ground coffee (weather dependent) as a courtesy when possible. You are encouraged to bring your own bottled water.

Fund Raiser for non-profit

Here’s the deal: if you are a non-profit organization in the Greene/Fayette/Clinton county area and want to do a quick and easy fund-raiser, talk to us. Here’s how it would work: We will host an ‘English Garden Party’ day, closing the gardens to the public on your chosen date. We will provide: the garden, the host/guide/speaker, and refreshments. You will provide the publicity and sell the tickets; you will keep all the money. It’s that simple.
Cost per ticket is determined by you (but we insist on a $10/person minimum); you need to have a good volunteer base to pre-sell the tickets and maximize publicity. If you pre-sell the tickets, then actual turn-out doesn’t matter as much. The garden can handle approximately 50-60 people per hour comfortably (and we will provide law-enforcement traffic control if you have a large pre-event sales); if you set $15/person as a ticket price you could easily net $2,000-3,000 for the afternoon. AND you have almost NO upfront costs.

We will host only ONE of these events in a season, so the sooner you contact us, the sooner it could be your group that benefits. Only bonafide 501-C-3 organizations need apply.

Artistic Playground

Photographers and other artists – We welcome photographers and other visual artists who might wish to use the garden as a ‘model’ or subject for their work. She works cheap and doesn’t complain about long hours.

We are happy to host photography club ‘shoots’ and meetings.
Please see Garden Clubs and other groups section for details.

Please call or e-mail to schedule your visit. We have found that early mornings are best for most pictures as the sun will not yet have had enough time to cause colors to fade. Scheduling time in the garden is probably best done on weekdays as we cannot ask other visitors (weekends) to stay out of some areas due to picture taking or painting.

Immersion Weekend

Intensive ‘hands on’ Immersion Weekends for learning all of the dirty little secrets of gardening.

These are designed for folks who really want to get their feet wet and their hands dirty withserious gardening. With arrival on late Friday afternoon and activities planned through Sunday afternoon, an immersion week-end will place you alongside the gardener, actually doing gardening and participating, up close and personal, in most of the activities serious gardeners should know, from plant identification and selection, to soil knowledge and amendment, to planting, dividing, pruning, growth control, pest control and general garden ‘smarts’. 

Attendance for these week-ends is limited to four participants and includes complimentary meals; unless you live close by you will probably wish to stay in a nearby hotel and we will provide a list of those who have agreed to special arrangements for our guest(upon request).

COST: $250 per person (includes all meals – ask anyone who’s been here about the quality of the food and cooking; if that sounds like a brag, it is.)