We are a private Garden

open to the public.

I have always thought of the garden as a gift that must be shared; that has never been more true than now. Realizing how many folks are either confined by circumstance or choice, the necessity for sharing a garden such as this one becomes quickly obvious. How fortunate to be able to live in the middle of a garden and to have such an outlet at one’s doorstep! While it may not be practicable or even advisable for a car load to come visit, the garden is large enough and varied enough in layout for a great many people to remain socially distant while still enjoying the gardens.

In the past, even though available by appointment to groups by appointment, it has been open to the public without reservations only on Sunday afternoons, but that policy now applies DAILY. Come and visit, walk around, enjoy the plants and the garden, sit and unwind for awhile. 

Please understand if we don’t have a lot of time to accompany you or chat much, but spring is always a particularly busy time here, and this is especially true this year, with many hundreds of new plants going in the ground and several major projects underway.  Welcome!

Craig. Gardener.

Something about us

…home to over 500 different kinds of trees and shrubs, including about 120 different kinds of conifers and over 80 different roses

WE ARE home to nearly 500 different kinds of perennials including over 150 kinds of hosta and 50+ different daylilies

..a place for wandering, chatting, looking and generally immersing yourself in a garden full of interest, beauty and inspiration

..a gathering place for Clubs, Organizations, Bird Watchers, Photographers, Artists, Educators, Home Schoolers and the like.
…and so much more.

We invite you to Come Visit!

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