First Day of Spring

The first day of spring – announced by a full sun, no clouds day! The temperature is having difficulty agreeing, with yesterday morning’s low of 16!

If you’re into biking (or hiking bike trails, especially the ‘Rails-to-trails’ routes, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the several trails that run through Xenia (roughly ten miles west) one of which runs clear into Greene county’s east side to the Fayette county line. This trail is but a mile from the Garden, intersecting Garringer Road just south of here. (Look at our map on the garden’s website: to see Garringer, just a few hundred yards to our west). 

The news is that Fayette county Parks and Recreation have begun the work to continue this trail into Fayette county, through an ‘antique bat-inhabited’ tunnel under I-71 and into Octa, the small burg given as the address town for the Destinations Mall at I-71 and US35.  It is rumored that work on this $1mil project will be completed by the end of June. 

We welcome the opportunity to host biker riders and hikers by providing a place of relaxation and beauty as part of your two-wheeled or two-footed commune with the natural world. (I suppose in a sense it’s all natural world isn’t it?  Even the ugly parts we have imposed, since we are part of it.) 

21 March 2023

It appears that, perhaps, the worst of the coldest temperatures are past us. I am relieved to report that it looks like the new buds on the dozen different new tree and species paeonies I planted late last summer survived the cold snap! One would generally expect our standard herbaceous paeonies to just shake off such temperatures; that’s one reason they’ve been around for so long and are so reliable, but I just wasn’t sure about the new ones. Now, perhaps, we will see a few blooms later on. I’ll post any information and photos.