Photo sequences

A walk through the garden at English Garden Farm.

There are two sequences currently available. Both attempt, in a sort of sloppy way, to simulate some of the views one might see if walking through the garden in, more or less, the same pattern we tend to use for ‘chatty’ tours.

The first set were taken from photos shot in the stretch from May of 2009 through May of 2019.

Tour Teaser photo

The second overlaps a bit, being from May 2016 through last October (2022). Within those contexts, there is no particular rhyme or reason.

I simply selected some scenes I thought either looked pretty or were particularly interesting. Both groups end up in fall/winter.

I have learned over the years that documenting a garden in photos is extremely difficult to do well. I really think that the best one generally hopes for is to provide a series of beautiful, interesting vignettes. One simply cannot gain a full appreciation of a garden without actually being in it and, in the best of all possible worlds, a number of times at that.

These photos are provided first, for those who cannot get here to enjoy and secondly, as an enticement for those who can to come visit. 

Stan Hywet, the famous Seiberling mansion (of Goodyear tire fortune fame) in Akron (open to the public and worth a visit) has over its front entrance the Latin phrase ‘Non Nobis Solum’, which translates, ‘Not for us alone’. I would like to think that the garden here has been created for the same reason. There would be little joy in the work required without the ability to share it all with others. We hope you would agree. 

The garden is open daily (depending on your weather tolerance – you might be alone!) during daylight hours.  A quick phone call or email will usually get you a reply; tours should be arranged in advance. 

937-675-7055 (land line, does not take texts) or [email protected]