Stones throw away

A few weeks ago our neighbor graveled the driveway.

When it rains hard drainage is a problem. So over the years original gravel gave way to soil which turned to mud even after a moderate rain. We discussed ways to drain the excess water but given the cost and considerable work and disruption to other areas of the garden we decided to stay with the gravel. It’s certainly made a big difference and will look good and last for many year.

It’s been in the 50’s most days but the wet ground keeps us from doing a whole lot in the garden. The greenhouse plants are being trimmed and repotted as needed. Some trimming of dead leaves, branches, stems is getting done (Fall work that got cut short by cold, wet November that never let up.)

Being just a stones throw away, if you get a chance to visit you can meet Toby, the newest fur friend to come live at the Farm. He showed up one Sunday; sad that folks would not want him as he was flea and worm free and used to people. But, he at home now and could not be happier. (He’s an indoor cat and enjoys watching the Spring bird activity out the many windows in the house).

Toby Sprawl on office desk

Mr. GreenJaynes and Crew