The trash appeareth to pileth up – but, yo!

Whee and hot dog! Leaves, leaves, leaves! What others discard with distain, we embrace with enthusiasm! Given the fact that this autumn’s weather has been considerably milder than the last couple of years’, leaves have lingered longer and we have had to wait for the first installments of next year’s topsoil to arrive, neatly packaged in trash bags by the considerate and generous residents of Jamestown. Talk about a paradox: we preach use of leaf mold, recycling your own ‘green’ waste, etc., and then rejoice when others don’t, so that we can. As the garden has grown over the past 13 years of planting, so has our own fall leaf population and we’re not quite as dependent on others for our ever-so-important-how-could-we survive-the-dryspells-without-our- ground-covering, weed-smothering, moisture-retaining-mulch, but we still welcome the bags of tree detritus with open arms (and aching backs, after hours of moving them!). Folks who visit often ask how we keep all this up and part of the answer is now arriving daily, ¬†thanks again to other people’s trash!