Hoar Frost

The trash appeareth to pileth up – but, yo!

Whee and hot dog! Leaves, leaves, leaves! What others discard with distain, we embrace with enthusiasm! Given the fact that this autumn’s weather has been considerably milder than the last couple of years’, leaves have lingered longer and we have had to wait for the first installments of next year’s topsoil to arrive, neatly packaged … Read more

Lucky Day

Nothing unlucky about today, Friday the 13th. The Garden still glories in fall colors. This has not been a spectacular year for fall color; only a few of the sugar and red maples seem to be enthusiastic. But it has lasted for what seems a rather extraordinarily long stretch and has made up for the … Read more

In the Garden

In the garden with interesting plants The over-all design of the garden is generally informal although there are some more formal features such as the rose and herb garden with outline in brick and center walk of gravel with center pool and fountain, or the ‘great Allee’, even though it is in the middle of … Read more